In Loving Memory...

Tragically lost her battle against bulimia whilst on home leave from the EDU in which we were both patients. Missed by many...

no longer in our life to share but in our hearts your always there

Brandi my friend, Since you have been gone my heart aches with every passing day. I look back at the times we shared and the laughter on your face when I was down and stuggling with my own Eating Disorder. I truley hoped and prayed you had won the battle, but I know that God called you home. I wish you could see my Granddaughter (Even though I feel you can). You were my shining light and the hope in my world, it is because of you I am continuing to fight the battle of my aneorexia. I wish you peace my friend and I believe we will see each other again. I Love you and miss you. **Safe Hugs & Kisses**

Your struggle for 8 years was a monumental act of courage. You managed to be caring and compassionate to your very last breath, and you continue to provide us with your guiding presence. I've written your book, and am working on your Danielle's Place. Keep inspiring me with your courage. Your love still glows strong our lives. May the blind eye of our medical community be healed.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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