In Loving Memory...

I will miss you deeply you were the sister every other sister would want, may you be in a better place and until we meet again and i know we will ~love your little sister

Camilla Stapleton-Hibbert
Camilla was just 21 - Camilla was a close friend of mine since high school. We both suffered with eating disorders (her anorexia, me anorexia and bulimia), we had both suffered with similar difficult pasts, and we often talked about our problems with each other. Camilla was the most amazingly talented person. No-one was ever annoyed or upset with her: she always had time for everyone. She was a true individual, and funny, intelligent, and a gifted photographer. Last weekend (november 8 2003) Camilla threw herself off the East Hill cliffs in Hastings, south east england. The last time I saw her she was very thin, and seemed to be drifting from us then. Her illness had consumed her. She was very depressed, but her suicide came as a great shock to us all. May you rest in peace, Camilla. We all love you. XXXX

Our precious Sam has gone,lost to this hateful disease which blighted her last 10 years. My one true friend, who made treatment so much more bearable for me,who desired only to help others and not herself. I pray you are peace now Sam, but please always remember - YOU WERE LOVED. You will always be remembered with love.

A loved person with the largest and warmest heart I've ever seen... The shock hasn't left me yet, im speachless...

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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