In Loving Memory...

Christaine Taylor Raulerson
Our angel, Christaine died November 2001 after fighting a long battle with Bulimia and Insulin Dependent Diabetes. The pain of our loss continues to be felt greatly.

A.J. Abel
A.J. took his life on Nov. 6, 2001. He was a popular kid in school and everyone in school knew him. He was very active in sports and other activities. He will be remembered forever as a courages young man. WE LOVE YOU A.J. ~miss you.

Jess was one of the most incredible persons i've ever met. my biggest hope for her is that her soul is finally at peace.

The best friend anyone could ever ask for. I still think about you every day, and your memory will go on forever in both your friends and families lives. You were the butterfly that has finally come out of the cuccoon and been set free. "May angels protect you and sadness forget you" I hope you have at last found peace my friend.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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