In Loving Memory...

Shelby E. Starner
Died 2003
This beautiful girl died of bulimia at a time when her life seemed to be on an upswing. She was very talented , and released a recording with Warner Brothers when she was 15. The album was called from in the shadows and one of her songs actually was used in the TV show Dawsons Creek. Her album is still for sale on

Jennifer Hendricks
Your story touched me. I'm sorry you had to die, but you will be remembered.

Cindy Phillips
My beautiful niece. I just didn't know how sick you were. You fooled us all.

Nicole Schlesinger
3.1.1976 - 4.6.2003
My precious daughter, I miss you so much ..Your are the Wind Beneath My Wings and the Sunshine of my Life.

I love you to the Moon and Back...

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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