In Loving Memory...

11.21.1942 - 11.9.2001
I miss you

Rebecca Cooke
Died 2002
you were truly an outstanding person, both to other people and your dedication to animals. your smiles and comments are missed constantly. anorexia robbed you of so much, yet you managed to give so much before you passed.

Angie Williamson-Torres
  • You were an angel here on earth so I know that you are up in heaven as an angel watching over all your loved ones!!

  • I met Angela in a state Regional Treatment Center (a state mental hospital). She was only 18. She got upset one evening when the staff were trying to work with her, seeming truly not to understand why they were being so hard on her. I told her that they were trying to keep her alive. She started laughing and said, in no uncertain terms, that she was not going to die from her bulimia, that it was not a big deal. Eventually we were both discharged from the hospital. Several months later I found out that she had recently died from heart failure -- she surely did not deserve to die. So much potential and such a tragedy... and she did not have a clue that what she was doing was dangerous. Angie, I hope that wherever you are, you have found some peace for yourself.

  • My angel girl, Heather
    Heather only lived 22 years, but she packed a lifetime into them, almost like she knew her time on earth was limited. She touched everyone she came in contact with, and was loved by all. She fought anorexia, but lost the battle. She will be missed and loved forever. ~Heather's mom

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