In Loving Memory...

Shawn Easterday
You touched many hearts during your short life. I hope you have found the peace you fought for so hard. I'm sorry you couldn't find it here. You'll be remembered and missed.

Colleen McAdam
Died 2003
  • In loving memory...

  • We were in and out of treatment together and, in fact, I think we ended up in the same four or five places (with the same four or five doctors!) again and again. Often I wonder why I made it through and you didn't - we seemed to be pretty similar "cases". Please know that your death was not in vain, because I am here still clawing my way out of this mess, as are many others whose lives I know you touched. In death, you may have embodied anorexia, but in life, you were so much more. May you rest in peace that eluded you on this earth - MSR

  • Nicholas Ray Green
    2.8.1980 - 7.17.2004
    We will miss you forever... You were the greatest son... our love for you will shine on forever. ~ Lovem Momma, Dad and Sissy

    Jackie Swenson
    dude, you have no idea, i miss you so much! it's been a little more than a month but it's still bugging me, susie, jan, and everybody! i know you never like being told that we loved you, but we all do and we always will! xoxo

    C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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