In Loving Memory...

B.J. Maguigan
1941 - 1997
We all miss you.

Katy Sweet
Died 2002
The disease that brought Katy and I together took her away from me in the end. She was only 18 but had been through so much more than anyone should have to go through. She was brave and inspiring and a blessing to know, even when I was acting like a half of a butt cheek. We fought together at Remuda Ranch where we met, and Katy, i will continue to fight for both of us. Anorexia will not win again..... Your "place in this world" was much more than just an eating disorder patient... you are a daughter, a sister, and my best friend. I love you.

  • I was honored to know you, Katy, and I will never forget you. While we didn't meet under the best of circumstances, you made the ED unit much easier to be on with your jokes and laughter. You were an amazing young woman and you are missed. I know you are with God now, and that brings me some peace. I think of you often and I LOVE YOU! I will keep fighting and not give up to this horrible disease!

  • Paula Van Gundy
    Died in 2002
  • My dear friend Paula died of a heart attack on Friday, September 27, 2002 at the age of 36. I met Paula in 1998 during our stay at Rader programs, a first treatment stay for both of us. We connected at a level I thought was impossible to obtain with anyone. I was blessed to have Paula in my life even though it was cut short by this terrible disease. Paula's death makes me even stronger in my personal battle with ED. A happy memory I had with Paula was when we were in treatment in California and we went on an outing to the Ocean, it was my first trip to the ocean and I was in awe of such wonder - It was took my breath away, it was so incredibly awesome! I will always remember that time with Paula and the memories we had shared since that time. Paula touched many lives and I wish for her all of God's blessings. I love you and will miss you deeply my friend, Kim Grieve, Sioux City, Iowa

  • I just came across the candle lit for Paula, who was, in every way, a shinning light. I had the blessed honor of working with her at Rader (I was a counselor) and on for a year in the Rader Alumni group... Paula was so fun, had such a silly sense of humor and was surprisingly full of positive energy despite her obvious pain. She had lost most of her teeth by the time I met her, yet she had this contagious smile. I remember her dancing around the room, making jokes, offering hugs - group was always better when she was there. Oh god/dess Paula I'm so sorry this damn disease got you. You were such a beautiful person. All my love and laughter ~Lisa Arndt

  • Leslie Suzanne Anzelmo
    5.10.1974 - 6.15.2003

  • Leslie was a kind and wonderful person, bright mind, quick sense of humor. She is so missed it is hard to do another day without her. I love you Leslie

  • Leslie was kind and gentle. I cry every day for her and my heart has a pain that will always hurt. If I could hold her once more; I would tell her that she is loved. I would stroke her hair and tell her how beautiful she is too me. I close my eyes and try to see her face. I only hope that she does not forget me and I can hold her once again and say I love you, you are my precious child. ~Love, Mom

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