In Loving Memory...

2.16.1951 - 1.31.1999
You were always there for me and when you went away on that January day I cried so hard that I could barely see ~ I love you Daddy

Ann, My Grandmother
2.26.1935 - 10.4.1997
This is dedicated to my grandmother who is my greatest hero. She had suffered from bulimia for almost twenty years when she was killed in a car accident on October 4, 1997. She was loved by all who knew her. I miss her smile and her laughter. She was a talented and special woman who is greatly missed.

Kelley Cool
Died March 11, 2005
Died after a 23 year struggle with anorexia/bulimia.

Kelly P.
Died in 2001
Kelly commited suicide due to multiple abuse traumas and her uncontrollable relationship with her eating disorder. She was found in her car at the Four Seasons hotel. She attempted recovery many times through the years and continually fought the demons that followed her. Her family did not understand her, so her friends became her family. She is survived by mama bear, the stuffed animal that stood in for her mother. We love you Kelly and we will never forget.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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