In Loving Memory...

Sandra Lahire
November, 1950 - July, 2001 I did not know this film-maker personally, but I believe she was very gifted and deserves a candle here. The following link gives a brief overview of her accomplishments before she succumbed to anorexia in July of 2001.

"Sandra Lahire, who has died aged 50 after a long history of anorexia, was one of the most gifted, innovative and bold experimental film-makers of her generation. For Lahire, film-making was a magical practice." more...

Whitney Danielle Voyles
7.8.1977 - 10.13.2002
  • Whitney was the flower of everyone's life...she was loved by all but could not comprehend the love or could love herself. She left an identical twin sister that will always have a large part of herself missing now. We wanted so badly to figure out the answer for 10 years but her heart couldn't wait. We love you sweetheart.

  • To my best friend: I miss you so much! Your goofy laugh and beautiful smile will forever live in my memory. You ispired me to do so much that I never believed possible. Thank you for your friendship. Maybe someday my tears will turn into smiles when I think of you. The animals of the world miss you too! I love you and miss you everyday. TR

  • Melissa Hamlet
    Died in 2000
  • Melissa died right out side the choir room... I go in that room every day. I know her pain and hope she's happy now. Every time I sing, I sing for her. Rest in Peace Melissa.

  • We Miss You Beautiful Friend!

  • Justin Brian Leslie
    1985 - 2003
  • Justin Lesilie was a great person even though i only knew him for a short while his friennds and family miss him dearly. he had that great smile that just made you melt... but "only the good die young"... If I could I would bring you back because everyone here miss you very much, but heaven has gained one great angle... thank you... Justin Leslie R.I.P

  • Justin Leslie was a freind of everyone. He is soo missed and he will never be forgotten.. it was the worst way he could of gone.. but heaven gained an angle.. and we love you and miss you so much!! ur were every ones inspiration and always there for everyone.. ur smile just brightened every ones day! we love u so much hunni! :) ~ Love... Sanford!

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