In Loving Memory...

My Little Superstar
Please forgive me for not letting you see what a wonderful mommy I would have been. I am sorry I couldn't take care of you when you were growing inside my tummy as I know I could have cared for you once you were born. Your Daddy and I miss you and know you are in a good place now. I have vowed to recover from this awful disease that took you from me, I'm just sorry it couldn't have been sooner. I will always love you and remember you.

Christopher Robin
To my loving little baby son, I tried to stop and be healthy for you, but Mommy's mind wasn't strong enough. I delivered you 4 months too early and you just weren't big enough to survive. I remember your beautiful face and perfect body. I promised you I would stop being bulimic since you sacrificed your life for my weakness, and I still am suffering sweet love. I can't bear the thought that I caused you to die, and the doctors said it wasn't the cause, but somewhere in my heart of hearts I think it was. I know you are my little angel now, watching over me and Daddy and your other brothers and sisters. Mommy loves you. Forgive me.

Beth Perkins
4.26.1976 - 1.2.2003
  • For my dearest, my love, my best friend, and my wife...
    She is all these things to me. So I give her to You, Lord Jesus, where she is safe and can rest, but most of all, she is finally free from torment. Where evil can't touch her, and You protect her perfectly where I could not.
    To those who are reading this, turn to Jesus for your soul. My Beth would want her lagacy not be a tragedy of anorexia, but a hopefull, living legacy, of victory in Christ Jesus.
    God Bless You All ~ Her Loving Husband ~ Matt

  • You brought great joy into our lives for the short time that you were part of our family (6 mo). We only wish that we could have known you better. You were a bright shining moment in our lives. We know that you were really trying hard to recover for the sake of our son, Matt, but I guess God & Jesus decided they needed you more than we did. We know that you are not suffering anymore, and for that we are greatful. We love you and miss you very much. Be at peace. Your loving in-laws, ~ Mike & Pat

  • Mandy
    i wish i would have known, as then i could have helped you through your tough time. all of your friends will miss you. i will never forget the time we had together, friend.

    C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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