In Loving Memory...

Kirstie Hudson
1.1.1988 - 7.7.2002
We all miss her dearly... she brought happiness into each and every one of our lives. Soon we will be together again in heaven.

Died September 3, 2002
We love you Holly and I especially will never forget you. You were my world my everything and now you are gone. Words cannot describe the pain and hurt that lingers in my heart. Forever yours Brad.

To my soul mate and best friend,
Words cannot express how much I love and miss you today, you were my guiding light and the strongest person I have ever had the honor to know. You fought the good fight against your eating disorder but your body could take no more so you peacefully slipped away. How much I wish I could of been there for you on that cold lonely night, I am so sorry my dear friend... Sleep tight until we meet again.
Love your best friend ~ Tammy.

My Mother
Died January, 1985
My Mother who was sick through out my life when I was a child, she was not happy, her illness overtook her life. I hope you are happy and free from your pain now; -- From your Daughter.

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