In Loving Memory...

Kalana Misty Cooper
3.18.1981 - 3.12.2002
Misty was always working to help everyone around her; making sure they felt well and good. Hurting in her silent way. She moved away where I couldn't know what was happening with her. She turned away from all her family and friends. She was recently turning back but I fear a change of medication left her open to dispair and she took her life. She weighed 89 pounds when she arrived at the treatment retreat and 98 when she died. She said the Sunday before she died that she was so tired of waking up in the morning and wanting to binge and purge and trying not to do it. She needed extra padding on her bed and chairs because her bones hurt her skin. She was working to help other women with eating disorders. I will miss her the rest of my life as I have been missing her for so long. I didn't get to see her for two and a half years and now I never will again. I wish it were not so. All my love to her and all of you reading this. ~ Mom

Amber Rose
She was my friend and I went to school with her for 11 years, And I miss her so very very much, she died Sunday afternoon, In a car reck she was only 15. We miss her.

Jessica Shelby Ferris
Died July, 1999
In memory of Shelby, whose friendship has blessed my life and gave it more meaning and whose spirit is alive in my heart.

Colleen Kibler
  • April 16, 2002... our beloved friend, student died of Bulimia.
    Colleen, I will always think of you and maybe you will be the one to help me turn my ED destructive path around. Where you are now, it is peaceful and quiet. Rest my dear and have no worries for you have gaven the world a great gift... You!! ~ From Jenny R., Linda Mapes, Steve R., and rest of OakRidge High School.

  • I know your pain, I wish I could have helped more, We will miss you!! You are loved by so many, and you have touched the lives of so many, rest in peace!

  • God, its been three years since you left. You were one of the strongest people I have ever met. You had to deal with more struggles than anyone I have ever know. I just wish you were still here today.

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