In Loving Memory...

Kristie Frazer
As a relative with an eating disorder, I thought I would learn by Kristie's life and death - but not so as of now - may she rest in peace and pass on the knowledge to me and to all others suffering from eating disorders - the knowledge that God can save us but we must be willing. God Bless You All!

Tara Sheehan
Died February, 2002
  • Tara died of anorexia on February 25th, 2002. For those of us privileged to know Tara, there is great sadness and anger at this vicious disease. We know that Tara is now with her Heavenly Father and is not suffering from this horrible disease any longer. We miss her and will always remember her with great love.

  • Tara was the most loving, thoughtful, caring person I knew. Anorexia really took over her life, no matter how hard she fought. She always tried but it was always there. I was with her in treatment two times and both times she was so supportive of me. I will love her for making sure I believed in myself and I only will wish she could have done the same. Tara was the first person who greeted me the first time, knew a little sign language, talked to me and my family my first day on the floor and stuck by my side the first week. She was truly an angel of mine and I will keep her name close to my heart by living my life so I dont let her down. I wish I got to see her again, but I know she's watching over me and all her close friends and family. We all loved you Tara, especially me, in ways you'll never now know. God Bless You and Rest free of the demons...

  • I just learned today that you had died. It breaks my heart. I hope that you have found rest. I will never forget your smile or your kindness or how you believed in my when we were IP together. Thank you.

  • Blaine S.
    I will always love you and keep you in mind.

    Melanie Lee Arcisz
    Beloved sister... you have found peace at last. The pain is over... you struggle no more. For twenty years you faught... I know if you could be here now, you would. You didn't ask for this. You didn't want it to end like this. But you are safe at last, you struggle no more. God blessed your soul. I love and miss you... ~ Your little buddy and sister, Jodi

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