In Loving Memory...

Lena, I wish I had been wiser, older... I wish I could have done more for you. You are loved and remembered, always.

Our dearest Selma, your smile made our day and you made our life. you have gone to a better place and may dear Allah SWT give you beautiful Djennet, where there is no pain that you have experienced on this life. you will always be in our hearts and souls as long as we live. you did not die and you never will. we love you the most and najvise yours always.

My Little Jonah
The doctors said that it was "just one of those things". They even gave me statistics as to how often it happens. But I knew. I knew that you died because of me. Because I was sick. You were wanted Jonah. I loved you from the day I found out you were inside me. Maybe even before that. I thought about the kind of person you'd become. I imagined you with your daddy's eyes, your brother's smile and your sister's button nose. Oh how my heart aches for you my little Jonah. Please forgive me. Im getting better for you and for me. Just let Jesus hold you until we can be together again. I love you and you will never be forgotten.

My special lil girl - Died 20th of July. I love you forever. You were taken away from us and I want you back.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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