In Loving Memory...

Died February, 2002
She could light up a stadium with her smile, She could make anyone laugh no matter how upset they were, She could make you feel comfortable in odd surroundings. She could have been something amazing. She was my best friend.

my unborn baby
I didn't give you a chance to grow and live through my own eating disorder i am sorry, please forgive me.I am geting the help i need thanks to you, i your death i am learning to live again.I will always love you even though i never met you, you will be part of me forever.

January, 1976 - February 2002
This candle is dedicated to Jennyfer. She took her own life on February 21, 2002 after a 14 year battle with Anorexia. She was always there to help others. She was creative and loved to be around children. You loved Angels so much Jennyfer, now you are one in Heaven. We love you and you will always be in our heart.

The following is a partial translation of a storey that we find quite appropriate. It was written in french by Dominique Naud of Valleyfield, Quebec. The title is "Le baiser d'une �toile de No�l", it is about a little star that falls to earth, becaumes a little girl, who later becomes sick and returns to heaven:
"...It would seem that she regained her strength, that she is more beautiful today than she ever was. Some saw her dancing, others saw her doing cartwheels on the wings of an angel. A few heard her laugh and sing in such a crystal-clear voice a thousand time more lovely than before. She was also seen skiing on a moon crescent and, just recently, skating on a snowflake. She sometimes passes so close to earth that leafless trees sway their branches to caress her. A humming-bird saw her giving life back to all the butterflies she had captured in her torn and mended nets. Her appetite has returned, with an edge of gluttony, like before. She gulps down a mellow cloud in just one bite and prefers the purple-pink ones that cover the sunset. On the nights of the full moon, when the sky is clear, she takes pleasure in sleeping by starlight. She has finally retaken all her favorite activities, with her most beautiful smile and her eyes that will glow like diamonds, day and night, till the end of time..."

Died July, 2001
Passed away in Summer of 2001, Beloved friend and "sister". We surely will miss her very much... See you in Heaven, Rae!

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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