In Loving Memory...

Even though I had not seen you for a few years, and we were never even close, the news of your death touched me more than I can say. I am only sorry no one helped you in the way that you helped me. You gave me my life back and I will thank you forever. You are always in my prayers - rest peacefully now.

Robert Wayne Cudmore
1943 - 1989
This special person is my father who passed away suddenly of a heart attack January 3, 1989. I miss him terribly and struggle with the loss of my special father everyday of my life. Losing him has always been the hardest thing to handle in my life. I truly love and miss him everyday!!

A sweet little angel taken away from us on December 11, 2000. Not even 16! She lost her battle after 3 years of anorexia and bulimia. She always wanted to fly and now she has the chance to have her dream of flying. She now is our angel up in heaven! Before she left I told her to watch over us day and night and I believe thats what she is doing! Her last wish my best friend/sister wanted to have before she died was to have at least one of us to be able to help teens with problems and that is what now I am trying to do. Just for her! She is very loved and missed by many! Love your friend -- Liz

You fought hard and ed's were only one of many of ur battles. You fought hard. I miss you and u deserve to be free. Even tho u didnt die of an ed you had to leave us for the deep pain beneath it. Angels take care she is one herself. 'u shoulda had a normal bath that day!' Thanx for the laughs and ur friendship.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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