In Loving Memory...

8.10.1934 - 8.17.2000
she was a loving mother, wife, and grandmother and i'll miss her forever

8.25.1999 - 8.25.1999
I never saw your face or touched your hand, but I love you more than words can say. I only hope you know how much I wanted you and love you.

Merrick was as beautiful as she was fragile. Not only was she physically fragile, but also emotionally. I met her at a treatment center in Atlanta. I felt an immediate closeness to her and felt the need to protect her. Ironically I did not feel that I needed to protect her from herself. I was devestated by her death, but losing her gave me the strength to recover. The world has lost an incredible angel, but heaven rejoiced at her arrival.

1979 - 1998
I wish I had not looked away. I wish I had not expected you to handle your problems the way I did. I wish I had stopped in the corridor of our school and at least said "hello", instead of looking at you and walking by. I wish I was able to tell you how much the world misses you.

Time has gone by, since you're gone. But the loss has not become more bearable. We miss you. I miss you.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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