In Loving Memory...

I did not know you but because of your death my cousin and your friend norma has been very upset by your death and has taken very good care of me during all of my related problems.I'm sure everyone misses you and though i did not know you i miss you as well. -- Lena and everyone who cares

Diana and I met at an ED hospital on 1999. She had been admitted two days before me and knew the anxiety I was feeling that first day thus, she volunteered to led me through it. She was so compassionate. The hospital was a two hour drive from my residence which, made it hard for my family to visit. Diana would invite me to visit with her family and friends. It meant a lot to me as it was hard watching the others enjoying visits. We stayed in contact for about six months after our discharges at which time I had gone into a depression and shut the world away. I always meant to recontact her but never did. I often thought of her. While reading the newspaper the other day I found that she had passed away. I didn't attend her services as I was dealing with a family member's passing. My heart however was with her and her family and will always remain there. The world lost yet, another wonderful person due to Anorexia but she will not be forgotten.

Katrina Marie
A beautiful person taken from this earth long before her time. The grasp of anorexia was just too strong for her frail body to escape. I love her still with all of my heart and I miss her more with each and every day. No words can describe what it's like to live without my sister. I love you Kat.

I did not know her personaly, But her story has been a big part of my recovery. She died in February 2001. She is missed greatly by her wonderful family and all that knew her. Thank-you Leah, for giving me the strength to go on. I pray that you are with God now as He watches over me.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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