In Loving Memory...

Lynn... it's been many years now and everyday i think of you. i miss your warm smile and the way you always made me feel that i could run like the wind. it was you that taught me how to run and now God has given you wings to fly... so fly my angel. the pictures i have of you are always with me. thank you for giving me hope. i love you -- k.

Mommy's Baby Girl
Died July 29, 1995
I loved you the day I found out about you and felt you growing inside of me. I know you in God's arms now; I am sorry I abused my body so badly that it couldn't sustain yours. Mommy will always love you above all else.

My Unborn Child
i never got to hold you,
nor did i hear you cry
in my heart you'll stay forever
i'll never reason why.

a life so young , a life so pure
in words i just cannot say
where ever you are, what ever you're doing
i miss you everyday.

Trixie Ryan (Jackie)
12.22.1941 - 12.20.1977
My sister how I loved you in life you are never out of my mind. When we meet again it will be with love in my heart and the thought of that keeps me alive. You were the best sister any one could ever have.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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