In Loving Memory...

Laura Greer
You were a fantastic friend to me, and I will never forget you. You died so young (16). Always loved by many but never forgotten. As long as I live and continue to battle Anorexia I shall always speak your name. Love Lydia. RIP my angel.

Although I didn't get to know you very well Dana, I am still in tears over your death. You were only 15, and even though every age is too young to die, at this age you haven't lived yet. I met you at the hospital, and I remembered how sick you were, but I hoped you would find some way out of this misery. I will always remember you.

In loving memory of dear Gill, my lovely sweet friend who died May 1995. Though forever in my thoughts, I miss you still.

he was my cousin but also more accurately my best friend in the world. we would do everything together. i miss him with all my heart but mostly i hate the way it happened. an eating diosder is also a form of suicide and i hated to tell people that i knew but didn't tell a soul what was happening to him and in not telling anybody it destroyed me. it still eats away at me so i hope someday i can see him again and have him comfort me and tell me it wasn't my fault!

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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