In Loving Memory...

Andrea Smeltzer
Andrea Smeltzer was a vibrant and promising young woman, an exemplary 'student with a passion for life that made an impression on everyone she knew... For those who knew her, Andrea's death put yet another new face on the disease: that of a young, successful college woman with everything to live for.

Read more about Andrea at the website her family created in her memory...
Andrea's Voice

Heather Mary
6.01.1981 - 11.22.1998
My beautiful sister, you will always be deeply missed and loved forever and though you are no longer with me on this earth, you will always live on in my heart.

My Girls
I am sorry, you will never see the sun rise, I am sorry, You will never feel the warmth of water on your skin, I am sorry you will never know the smell of fresh cut grass. I live in my shame of what I have stolen from you, and the pain that I caused your little bodies when you lived in mine. You depended on me to keep you safe, and deliver you into this world and teach you all that I know. I failed at this task, and will everyday continue to ask for forgivness from you and from our creator. God Bless You my girls, Every Kick I felt will live on in my memory, forever. Love Mommy

Claudia was my counsulor, she was 32 when she died. She overcame heroin addiction, and told me one time that her battle with heroin was a joke compared to her battle with herself and food. She was there for me when I needed, and still she died alone her bathroom floor, her autopsy showed that she died from massive heart attack after rupturing her esophogus during her last binge. She spoke to young girls in high schools and middle schools trying to make them aware of the dangers of self-loathing, and poor self-esteem. she was a beautiful, spiritual person whom I,along with many others, will miss dearly.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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