In Loving Memory...

Stacy Lee
1962 - 2000
I want to thank you, Stacy, for your willingness to try and help the young people that I work with from going down the dark road that you had traveled so long. We will never know which of the many kids you spoke to was on the verge of falling into this disease and stepped back because of your honesty. You went from a resource to a friend and every time I open this subject and begin to teach it I find myself thinking of you and sharing our past conversations with a new group of students. Rest well in the arms of the Lord my friend for I know beyond a doubt that he is hugging you very tightly.

My Angels
My angels I am truly that I took away your chance of life due to my anorexia. Your death was not in vain though. Through losing you I have realised that it's not worth it to starve myself and I am seeking help so that one day I will be able to think of you and smile instead of cry. You are my life and my stronghold and I will build a new life around your memory. Love you always -- Mummy

Passed away to a greater spirit in feb of 2001. Though not many could understand, i did. But many though, loved; and always will. You were so brave and strong in your struggle it took me by surprise at many times. But you died with hope and goals, some of which you even fullfilled.That, not many can say they ever could. I am proud of you. Love always, katharine (p.s. i got the matching bracelet, so we both have it with us.)

James Lee
10.31.1983 - 6.4.2002
You're gone but not forgotten... we love you miss you and think about you everyday.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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