In Loving Memory...

Isabel Anastia Hebert
Died: December 27, 2000
Isee, my precious unborn child... I know that you're sitting in the palm of His hand right now, always feeling how much your momma and daddy adored you and wanted you. Someday I'll get to throw my arms around you and cry tears of love all over you.

Georgie was a loving young person who had alot to offer other people. She was always there when you needed someone. Towards the end she slowly gave up hope of recovering. Georgie would want any person who is suffering to keep fighting and hang on. Georgie tragically passed away in September 2000. She will always be loved and greatly missed.

Gemma was a close friend to me for many years but sadly she lost her battle with anorexia at 23 years old.

Jill Johnson
  • Jill was always a fast cross country runner. I can remember when it was meet the team night and my brother was running and Jill passed the "Rabbit." Everyone said "There goes Jill again, passing the rabbit!" I will always remember that. In memory of Jill, her favorite song was "How do I live Without You" I will always remember that as your song. Go #7

  • Jill was a very loved person in our town. Even if some people didn't know her, they still loved her just by hearing about her or even just looking at her. She was a very well known girl, beautiful and successful in anything she did. She will always be in our hearts. Forever #7

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