In Loving Memory...

Leslie George
4.21.1981 - 9.29.2000

  • Les, We wish you could have seen yourself through our eyes - your beautiful smile and precious spirit will never be forgotten. You were always more than just an illness to us, you were a true and dear friend. We miss you.

  • i never met you, but we resided in the same plane of existence. when i heard about your death i was saddened, not like one who has lost a loved one, but like someone who comes face to face with her own mortality. i wonder what we would have shared, had we met. i wonder if i could have helped you, or if you could have helped me. i will always remember your name, and your struggle. it's my struggle. it's our struggle. -- love, a stranger

  • We shared a struggle, and though we have lost you to this monster, I am trying to find the strength to fight for my life so your death will not be in vain. May God bless you and let you finally rest.

  • A beauitful girl inside and out.

  • You were our special daughter and every day without you tears at our hearts. Finally you are in a place where the Dragon who destroyed your life can no longer torment you. Your mother and I promise you that we will do everything in our power to defeat the beast that stole you from us.

  • I was blessed by knowing you, even if it was only for a few months. With each day that passes and every step I take on campus, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You didn't deserve to leave the way you did, but I am reassured that you are free from this illness that casts pain, loneliness, and dispair on so many of us. I wish I could have said good-bye. Please watch over me. I need your help to make it through recovery. All my love to you and your family, Megan

    I love you and I miss you more than I could ever say.At least I know you're not hurting anymore where you are.You were always beautiful, inside and out and you knew me better than I knew myself.I feel honored to have shared such a special friendship with you.I wish you were still here, but I know you are sharing everything with me and watching over me.I couldn't ask for a more perfect angel. Lylas, Gimpy

  • There are no words to tell you how much you have affected my life even though I never knew you. I am convinced that you brought me to JMU, you brought me to Tri-Sigma, and you saved my life. You were watching over me and never even knew me... what an amazing person you must have been and we are all heart-broken that you are not with us. Thank you for being my angel, I will never forget you and I will always do everything in my power to end this disease that threatened my life and stole yours. We love you and you are always our sister...

  • Heather Henderson
    Died September 27, 2000
    Heather was a wonderful Deputy Director of the organization "Dads and Daughters"

  • In order that some slight measure of redemption might come from this tragedy, Heather's family wants her friends and colleagues to know that her death appears to be the result of complications from bulimia, with which Heather struggled for many years. Bulimia finally took too much of a toll on her body, even as she was rededicating herself to recovery. For many, the horrifying statistics about eating disorders are merely that - numbing statistics. But for every statistic, there is a daughter struggling to live, and not always succeeding. This is one of the reasons DADs exists.

    visit the DADs Website

  • To the loving memory of a passionate, adventurous, dedicated woman! Heather you are beautiful and your message to promote diversity and acceptance will live on. Thank you for blessing so many with your amazing spirit! Peace and love to you...

  • My Best Mate
    I light this candle for you and for those you have left behind. You only told me of this demon that haunted your every night and day just a few weeks ago-by then it was too late. I pray that in heaven you can love yourself as much as I love you. I know you'll be looking out for me *blows a kiss* I miss you and love you.

    My friend and roommate at Renfrew. You were too sweet and too young to die. I am so saddened that you lost the battle. I will forever remember your smile behind those big sad brown eyes.

    C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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