In Loving Memory...

Michelle S.
This is for my friend who died on June 24, 1998 due to anorexia. I know that she is happy now and no longer in pain. I hope that she knows how much everyone loves her and misses her.

Died December 1996
I knew this woman in a personal way through her children. She may have died suffering but I feel she is better off where she is. God is looking over this wonderful person and I love him for that. She will always be in my heart.

7.8.50 to 10.9.91
My mother died at 41, of a heart attack which was related to battles with anorexia in the past. What on earth can I say to do her justice? Nothing.

However, she was the most intelligent, quick-witted, compassionate soul I have ever had the pleasure and honor of knowing. Even if if were only for a solitary decade.

We miss you, mom.

Our unborn baby
Dear sweet baby please know that I am so sorry for abusing my body with Bulimia. Please know that I am getting help for this disease and can't wait to see you grown up when I get to Heaven one day. Know that I love you and think of you each day.
-- Love your mother

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