In Loving Memory...

My beloved sister FOREVER, Happy 29th Birthday!! You are forever in our hearts.
Love Always,
Tanny, Willie, Mom & Dad in Hong Kong

Carrie was one of my closest friends, and was just 22 when her heart gave out. She had been battling anorexia off and on for 6 years. Bright, beautiful, athletic, she was loved by anyone who came in contact with her. She had so much ahead of her; so much to offer the world. I will never forget you carrie, and please know that our hearts will always be with you.

She was loved by her friends and family. Victim to anorexia after her parents divorce, she died six years later, at age 17. I'm sure, as all teenage girls are, that she was beautiful... and, as it seems all those in pain are, was also wonderful and inspiring to all those who knew her. Melissa... I hope you find in Heaven what no one could give you here on Earth -- as much love for yourself as you gave to those around you.

Ms. D
Died in May of 2000, 1 month before her daughters graduation. Let this be a reminder to you all out there who are battling these horrible diseases -- Dont let them take over your life! There is no such thing as the perfect body -- and the closest thing will cost you heavily... your life.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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