In Loving Memory...

She was such a nice girl. With her blue eyes and her long blond hair and always with a smile in her face.

Unfortunately the illness took her away, she had bulimia, and she couldn't cope so she commit suicide.

I'll always remember you Stacey, wherever you are...Now you are free...

Love you in my heart.

  • I don't even have to mention the treatment center where we met; i don't even have to give her last name; i don't have to say anything about her illness. i only have to speak of her smile to let everyone know which special, wonderful person i am talking about. Amy, your smile lit up my life. At night, when i was cold, you pulled me close and shared your sweater. you always whispered the same thing in my ear "We're gonna do this together, right? We're gonna beat this together" Then you would hit me with that mile-wide smile and my heart would melt. Your laugh still rings through my memory and echoes in my heart, like a tape recording replayed every time i need your warmth. Amy, i love you so incredibly much it is beyond words and i am sorry i did not do more to save you. everyone loves you, we all talked about how much we loved you, even before you passed. and, amy, that is your gift...the love you offered in life, not just in the drama of death. i love you with all of my aching heart.

  • To my beautiful, smiling Amy; to my strength and hope in times of despair; to my angel on earth and the light of so many peoples' lives. Amy, we all love and miss you more than words can ever say. You were everything I longed to be and I thank God every day for the memories I have. I will fight and live for you. Thank You, Paige

  • Amy was a strong and very loved daughter and friend...I will miss her greatly. My life is forever blessed by her brief time in my life. Loving you always, Amy.

  • Amy, you will be remembered by the countless lives you touched. You were and are our angel looking down upon us. I know you would want for us to have ears to listen to you in heaven, where you reside, free from the pain and heartache that breeds an ED. You are saying, "it can happen to you." It can happen to any of us. Amy was in my group at Remuda. She gave and gave until her days here were done. Relapsed for one month and her body said "no more." Jesus said, "it's time to come, Amy, my angel." -- Love, Rainee (Shari), Rykka (Nikki), Nikki, Katie, Paige, Rachel and each person I know this has touched.

  • Your smile would lighten up an entire room. We will never forget the friendship, encouragement, and love we shared with you during our days in treatment. You will continually be a daily source of inspiration as we fight the voice of destruction that beckons us. We love you! -- Kristi and Brenda

  • Dewayne Eric Williams
    To my dearest and closest father, my daddy... from your very own special daughter Lakesha. I will always love you with all my heart!

    Joanne Brantley
    Wife, Mama, Nana & Friend

    C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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