In Loving Memory...

i would just like to say tina gave off positive energy even when she did not feel it herself. one of the strongest girls i knew. i will always love her. -- tamara

"Can you hear the prayer of the children. On bended knee. In the shadow of an unknown room. Empty eyes with no more tears to cry. Turning heaven-word twards the light. Cry Jesus help me to see the morning light of one more day. But if I should die before I wake I pray my soul to take." -- The Prayer of the Children written by: Kurt Bestor, The Pinnacle Group

My Unborn Child
As of June 6th, 2000 I had to give up my unborn baby to this horrible disease. I was over 8 weeks pregnant. I would have named her Ziannah Margaret, in memory of my grandmother and her enduring strength and wisodom. I have let her spirit go and asked her to return to me in a time when we can both be strong and healthy. She is not lost to this world-she never will be. I love you my sweet baby. Let your angel wings fly...

In memory of a lost soul. I hope you have found some peace. --From all those who love you.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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