In Loving Memory...

Susan Renee Milner
Born: December 30, 1972
Died: April 18, 1998
Susan was 25 years old and had suffered from aneroxia for five years. She died in her sleep on Apr 18, 1998. She left a legacy of always putting others above herself and a faith and love for God that was exceptional. She prayed desperately for God to change her. I know that she is finally happy. -- Her Mom

My Mom
Born: April 23, 1932
Died: January 12, 2000
Kay Mullen died at 5:40am from complications of diabetes and high blood pressure. She suffered from compulsive overeating for approximately 40 years. The last 18 months of her life brought her diagnosis of multi infarct dementia, she went blind, could not walk, had open sores on her feet, incontinant of urine and feces and was tormented by side effects of the brain damage, hallucinations, emotional lability, depression. Mom, I miss you...

Died: June, 2000
  • Vilje lived a hard life. I was always hoping that she could overcome her many problems, and sometimes it seemed as though she was doing just that. I am so sorry to see you giving up, Vilje. I hope you are in a better place.

  • She danced beautifully in life, but sadly, could not save her art for herself. You are missed, sweetie.

  • Bea
    I love you. I wish you could have known that you were perfect from the start.

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