In Loving Memory...

Julie died after 10 years of struggling with bulimia . She died on april 1st year 2000 at the age of 17 and she will be missed by us all.

I am a former bulimic (now cured!) and I work as a councellor for people with eating disorders and their families. I knew Julie only by name and by the letters we wrote to each other, but I know she was a very special person. She died just as she had realized that she needed to get some help in her battle with the disease - her little body simply quit.

Julie, we will miss you and I will remember you always.

Died June, 1995
At the age of 26, this once fabulous bicyclist died in June, 1995 when her heart gave stopped after a long struggle with anorexia. We were together on a TV-show here in Sweden, and became friends since we lived in the same town. I invited her over at my birthday, but just a few days before, she died.

Pernilla was so scared to recover, but had finally decided to go impatient. Her time ran out, though, just some weeks before she was going to a treatment center. I know she woluld wish for other not to waste their time, tomorrow can be to late.

Salva Roldán Martínez
Nos ha dejado tu cuerpo, pero sigo pensando que eres algo m�s, y que ello siempre estará con nosotros. En nombre de la U.R.T.A., de tus queridos y de m�, Maruixa... TE QUEREMOS MUCHÍSIMO.

Tracey D.
We would like to light a candle for our Tracey. Tracey left us, after 5 years with bulimia and one year with anorexia. She was really beautiful, very nice, and a very good studiant. She suffered for a long time. She pretended to feel good, she had gained a little weight. But her heart was just too delicate. She loved to come to the "memorial page", and sympathized to all victims and their families. Now, she flies with the angels.

Tracey, we love you forever and we miss you. Nous t'aimons Tracey.

Love, your parents, sister, family and friends, and your boyfriend.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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