In Loving Memory...

On Sept. 4th, at age 17, our beautiful friend died from a heart attack cause by anorexia. Until her last days, she fought with all she had in her. She was even considering going to the hospital soon, which is one of the hardest choices she had to make. Damita made good choices, the ultimate one... accepting the Lord into her life! It took her a long time to accept our love, she never felt worthy of it. However, towards the end, she was able to accept our love... and love us back! We Praise the Lord that Damita is now rejoicing in heaven in her new body. She is eating, she is feeling no guilt, she is LOVING HERSELF, and LOVING her body. She is rejoicing with our Lord Jesus Christ. We LOVE you for YOU DAMITA.... and we miss you. You are forever in our hearts. We WILL fight for you... I know that is what you would want. Rest in PEACE Damita with our Lord.
We love you, Heather & Melanie.

Born on January 26,1977
Died on March 12,1999
She died of bulimia from a heart attack and an overdose of drugs... she left behind a husband and three beautiful babies twin boys and a one year old... she was the wondeful wife and mother would always lend a helping hand. You could always count on her in anything. We will miss you girl...

My Unborn Angel
On the day you were taken from me the heavens opened and they gained a new angel, and I gained a guardian angel... At the hands of my Eating Disorder you died... Your death sweetheart was not in vain though... I was given a second chance... a chance at recovery... Your brother and sister are proof of that... You have set me free... Thank you for your guidance... walk with me my child... and forgive me... I Love You, -- Mommy

Anne G. Taylor
12.2.26 - 10.19.89
Dearest Mom,
I miss you so very much. Time has not made missing you any easier. In fact, it's still so hard living everyday without your love and guidence. Thank God I have Kristan and Kelcey to remind me of you. I speak to them everyday about you. They know that you are their Angel and t hat you protect them while they sleep and while they are away from mommy and daddy. I love you mom. please take care of dad. My girls need him for as long as you will let him be here. Please let them know their Grandpa.
All My Love,
Howard Jr.-- "Your Baby"

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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