In Loving Memory...

My beloved Mother Liselotte
My mother was on the verge of anorexia, undereating and also using laxatives. I believe that her not eating enough was an important factor in her dying of cancer. I didn't write this to expose her to shame, rather to remember one of the precious lifes that were lost to Eating Disorders. You didn't deserve this, Mommy!

My loving Sacha
1/16/1983 - 4/27/2000
Sacha couldn't beat the disease that killed her. But how hard she tried, will always be remembered. She was not only my girlfriend, but she was my soal mate. And even at her worst moments in anorexia did I always love her. She will be remembered forevermore, in not only my heart, but everyone elses. Love always, Ji

Jackie was a beautiful 17 year old - she was always troubled by the way she looked even how much we all tried to reasure her. I loved my best friend Jack so much but the fight was too one sided - she tried her very hardest but now i'm sure she is in a happier and better place. Why do all the good ones die so young?

Our Baby Morgan
I'll always know your heart beat for it beat inside me. You are always going to be our first baby although you didn't see the light of day. You are our miracle!! We love you. You are safe and loved in heaven with your creator. As well as loved always on earth by your many family members. Love you, Tiff and Jody

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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