In Loving Memory...

She died in her sleep due to heart failure from anorexia.

She was so pretty and kind. I knew her since the fourth grade and graduated with her class of '99. Her funeral was two days before Valentines Day. May her spirit continue in the presence of Jesus and her comfort with God. God bless you Amee, we will never forget you. Love, Nycole

5/26/1982 - 2/22/2000
(from her aunt and uncle) She was so young and fought so hard. Her heart was pure as gold. She so much wanted to live. She tried very hard to beat her anorexia.

  • (from a close friend) Elizabeth and I made a pact not so long ago. We promised one another that our names would not appear on this page. Sadly, elizabeth passed away on 2/22/00 and I feel as though my heart has been ripped in two. she had a heart attack after a long trying battle with Anorexia. Elizabeth was loving, gentle, kind, and caring. She was only 18 years old. She loved many. And many loved her. I hate this disease, I hate living with it. Most of all, I hate that fact that it is taking my friends away from me. Elizabeth, can you hear me from where you are? I miss you so very much. I'll be watching the skies for you -- Love, your big sis, Nancy

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    12/6/1984 - 2/2/2000
    To the best friend I ever had.I'll always remember your joy and your magic dancing shoes. The good times were great, the bad times were hard, but I loved you through it all.

    Although I was gone for some of the last years, you were my little sister, always. I loved seeing you come up the street. And I loved looking after you at school. You brought many together in your life and in your passing.

    No more pain, Anna. Just Peace. You remain in my heart forever... Jesse

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