In Loving Memory...

Monica Susan Bausell
4/16/74 - 10/25/99
Monica came from a loving home with an extended family who cared for her deeply. She was always willing to help others with an eating disorder. She was on her way to much success when bulimia took her away suddenly on september 25, 1999. Our lives have been changed forever. We love you, Monica.

Eileen Boe
To the one I always looked up to. The one who always gave me hope in my life and recovery. You are gone now my dear friend Eileene. Heavena awaits you. You are greeted at the gateway of heavens by all the other angels. (died of anorexia nervosa)

Donna Marie Kuhn
May 1971 - May 1998 i lost one of the only people that i could relate to without feeling ashamed... i met her in an eating disorder hospital... we undeniably shared a bond from the beginning and we were well known at the clinic for being together and being mischevious....i will forever miss my dear friend... donna, you will always be in my heart, mind, and memories... i will never forget you i promise...

Michelle Pedersen
I will always remember you and love you! I'll keep the memories of our friendship close to my heart.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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