In Loving Memory...

A beautiful person...inside and out. I know what you were going through, I've been there myself, but the disease had gone too far. We think of you every day. You are not forgotten. I miss your hugs. Pray for me from heaven.

Elizabeth Munns
1977 - 1996
A beautiful friend and fellow cross-country team member who died of complications from Anorexia Nervosa. She will spend eternal life with her Father in heaven, one with the angels.

Marty Clark
She was always there when you needed a friend, she tried hard to get you the things you wanted or needed most, most of all she loved her family and they loved her! We Love You Aunt Marty!

Laura Aileen Sanford
1983 - 2003
  • A loving friend, daughter, sister, and child of God who lost the battle to anorexia and mental illness through suicide. I love you, and I know I will see you again my dear sister in Christ.

  • Though I only knew you for a short time, while both of us were in Remuda Ranch for ED's, this year. I could immediately tell that you were one of a kind. That love you showed to all. Your smile that could light up a room, your "dog" trigger. I have that mosiac you made for me before you left. You were so creative and so full of life. Yet beyond the laughter was a monster you counldn't kill. That demon was so evil that the only way to get that peace you so desperately wanted- you deserved, was to take your own life. Oh Laura, I know that pain. I suffer with it every day-every hour. It hurt didn't it. Laura, you had so much to give. Be finally at peace my friend. Love, Barb (Bug)

  • God allowed Laura to take her own life on March 9, 2003. Though she was in ED treatment, she continued to fall into deep depressions. She loved the Lord Jesus Christ and knew Him personally. We thank God for the reality of heaven. We will be together again. Laura is running on streets of gold! We love you!

  • I lost my friend Laura. She was awesome, she was inspiring, she had the most sincere, bright smile I have ever seen. I remember sitting and working on some painting thing in AZ near Christmas time and talking about putting Christmas lights on a cactus. She actually wanted to recover from her eating disorder, she wanted to get her life back. Where a lot of girls refused it, Laura got a feeding tube... But instead of the clear medical tape we secured it to her nose and cheek with my Blue's Clue's Bandaids. So now I remember the phone calls, the letter I wrote her mother, the letter her mother wrote back, the obituary and the article in the paper and the photo they used for her funeral. This is not meant to be sad, just to remember, it will be two years this March. On the 9th. What I guess I always try to remember is that I owe it to myself and I owe it to Laura and the people who care about me to keep fighting, even on the worse days.

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