In Loving Memory...

Virginia Sue De Armond Doerr
We feel so sad when those we love
Are touched by death's dark hand,
But it would ease our sorrow
If we could but understand
That death is just a gateway
That all men must pass through
And on the other side of death,
In a world that's bright and new,
Our loved ones wait to welcome us
To that land free from all tears
Where joy becomes eternal
And time is not counted by years
--Helen Steiner Rice

Sandra Sanchez
10/24/78 - 10/11/99
Sandra, your the star in the sky that lights the way for all of us... you will never be forgotten. Please send us, your family and friends, the stength to go on.

I knew Annie for many years...from 7th grade until graduation. She was such an inspirational, intelligent, loving person. She fought hard against her eating disorder almost the whole time I knew her. She was killed in a car accident while home from college this past fall. Annie, may you rest in peace and know that the Class of '98 will never forget you.

Jessica T.
Just 18 years old, and only 3 months away from her high school graduation, Jess passed away from complications brought on by anorexia.

Just a year earlier, she had struggled with her younger sister's own anorexia and strived for her little sis to live. She is greatly missed.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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