In Loving Memory...

July 25, 1948 - December 15th, 1999
Irene Died Dec. 15, 1999 in the hands of a horrible disease, Bulimia. Irene was such a kind and loving person, she had batteled this disease for more than 15 long years. Irene once said she didn't care if this disease killed her she would be happy as long as she died thin. I guess that is something a lot of us with an eating disorder can identify with but I guess we all know that in the end it doesn't really bring you happiness, only pain. In the end all we can hope for is that her death wasn't painful and that she didn't suffer.

Irene, all of us at the "group" love and miss you so much. We will always treasure all the love and support you gave us.

We love you, Irene.

Hazel Davidson
Took her own life on the first of December 1998 after a long battle with her own personal demons; bulimia, self-harming and depression. I never understood your pain until you were gone, may you rest in peace.

Died 9/29/98 from a sudden cardiac arrest at 55 from years of bulimia, compulsive eating, and subsequent diabetes. You are my light, my heart, and my sorrow. The world mourns you, Mom. -- Love, L

Died July of 1999 after a a long struggle with anorexia. although only gracing the earth with your precense for 19 years you've made an impact on many lives and you'll never be forgotten. I love you always and forever!

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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