In Loving Memory...

Died 2nd August 1999.
I only brefly spoke to her, but i have spoken to her friend who is in a lot of pain.

This is for anyone who has lost a loved one. Hang on in there. I would like to think that life goes on in some form, so love to you all, both past and present lives.

Claudia Holbrook
Only 18 years old
Born May 16, Died July 30
Died of cardiac arrest at her home... she was my best friend, and a great friend to many... no one will ever forget her and she will be thought of everyday... I love you Claudia... Love, Kacie

Chantel Plante
Dec. 11/80 - Sept. 23/98
Chantel died at 17 years due to complications of an eating disorder. She was a beautiful girl whom everyone loved but in her head the anorexia monster was in control. Forever loved Mom, Dad & brother Kyle

Stephanie Plowman
died in her sleep June 30, 1999, at the age of 17 from heart failure due to Bulimia. If only we had known that she was battling such a horrendous disease... We miss you more than words can say... Mom and Dad

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