In Loving Memory...

Laura Jean Marshall
Born: April 30, 1953
Died: October 21, 1998
She was our mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother and a dear friend.

Christie D.
I never knew until I was told the day of her death that she had been suffering from anorexia for 2 years. I was her closest friend and I let her die because she had been crying all this time and I never listened, I never made her feel confident enough to tell me about her disease. I saw her fade away, I saw her die and I did nothing...because I didn�t know. It was a heart attack that took her away from me. She was a brilliant spirit, a poet, a writter..She was more than a extremely thin body, she had a different soul. Now I am aware of the signs, but now she�s death. Don�t let this happen to you. Be aware.Be prepared. Don�t give more victims to anorexia or bulimia.Don�t deliver your friends or the ones you love or yourself to the arms of eating disorders. Now I can only give her this little light in the memory of the of the shinning sun she was always in my life.

words can't explain how much we miss you. You really meant a lot to everyone. I tried to save you but i couldn't,i think that GOD needed you with him to watch over us all. WE LOVE YOU and YOU WILL BE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!! ~ Your freind, SPIRIT

Elizabeth (Libby) Schlauch
Died on July 24, 1993 at age 35 of complications from both anorexia and bulemia.

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