In Loving Memory...

A beautiful soul. Left us for heaven on 10th June 1999. Missed by so many. No-one can answer why bulimia took her from us, but one day, we'll meet again and have a *big hug*

Megan Wilson
...was a girl I met in a college class I never suspected she had a eating disorder problem. Yet one day everyone in class was crying Megan had died in her sleep from complications of Anorexia and Bulimia. My heart goes to her because I myself suffer this illness and I wish I had someone to talk.

Sesily Taylor Hunter
March 16, 1983 - June 16, 1999
Sesily was more than anyone could understand. Although she was just an online friend, she was the one i trusted with my heart and soul. I wish i could do more for her, but Ses... i will never forget you. I love you.

For Ses:

I always knew you were beautiful
even though you never listened
never heard me.
When i had a problem
you cared.
When no one else could be beside you
i tried.
Now, i feel like a touch of grace has been lifted
and an angel as been given back to heaven.
I pray to God that he will watch over you,
and keep you safe.
I hope now, that you see how beautiful you are,
how beautiful you were
and how beautiful you always will be.
No one could understand how
someones who face i only knew in pictures,
whose voice i only knew in words,
could mean so much.
They never will.
They never knew you.
I love you Sesily.

My best friend Jess died a week ago after having been in a coma for months. She is the one who made me aware of the disease anorexia nervosa, and she is the one responsible for my admitting that I, too, have it. And she is the one responsible for getting me help, and it is for her sake that I have not given up and am still fighting, every day. Born Jan 29, 1982, died July 16, 1999. Jessie, I know you believe in God and I hope for you that your God will reward you and keep your soul up there, waiting for mine. I love you forever...

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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