In Loving Memory...

This is in memory to my best friend Kate. She died on April 18, 1999 of a heart attack caused by her eating disorder. Kate was 75 pounds and had just begun to get help. She realized she wanted to recover from anorexia and live her life to the fullest, but it was too late. I don't want her to just become another statistic, another girl lost to anorexia. She was more then that. She was the most generous, caring, and loving person I knew. She didn't realize how much everyone loved her or how many friends she truly had. She was one of the top runners on our cross country and track team. She had this beautiful smile that could brighten anyone's day and this amazing talent for making people laugh. She was only 15 and she didn't deserve to die! Eating disorders kill. Please, please if you know someone with an eating disorder or if you have one, get help. I've began to realize that Kate's gone and she's not coming back. Kate, I love you and I hope you are happy in Heaven. Best Friends Always and Forever, Julie

Renata Castellari
She had anorexia was my only and best friend and died in january of the 1997. I don't know the right day because our family always tried to keep us apart. She died in Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil.
"That All You Must For To Fly It'S Jump And To Miss The Ground"
I feel your loss so much because you were the only person with who I could exchange feelings about our disease.

Carson Leigh Prince
Carson was murdered on April 28, 1999, at the age of 19. She had battled eating disorders for most of her young life, however she still loved life and all that it had to offer. She gave love to everyone who knew her. She was and will continue to be an inspiration to me in my own battle, as I'm sure she will be to many others. God bless you and keep you, Carson.

Baby Hope
To our baby Hope who died due to complication during pregnancy due to my eating disorder. You have taught me so much and I am now in recovery. Heaven in so lucky to have such a precious little girl. Mama and Daddy love you and think of you always. Kim and Bryan

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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