In Loving Memory...

Kristen Renee Buckley
Died on December, 18 1998. She struggled with bulimia, only for a short time. She was 16 when she started and she died at age 18. I believe she thought she was cured cause she did not throw up anymore. She found other ways beside throwing up. If you read this please keep my friend and her family in your thoughts and prayers. I thank this girl so much for being my friend for so long. Also if you want to be thin, work out and eat right cause this isn't a way for anyone to die. Love you always and forever, your best friend

Charlene Marie Stone
1970-1999; Age 29 -- Heart failure due to long standing bulimarexia

"Every sunshine would be brighter,
when Char would send her smile...
Every cloud lost all its thunder,
when she laughed with us awhile.
Every heart was opened wider,
when Char pushed away our tears...
Every heart will remember
our beloved Char throughout the years."

sadly missed by Husband, Mark; dog/child, Sharky; and all the sisters on the Bridge

Anna Torres
passed away February 24, 1999
Anna held a special place in everyone who knew her's heart. Her radiant smile was bright enough to light a room. She will be missed more than she ever could have known.

We supported each other and now she is gone. She died today, February 16, 1999, at 4:30 a.m. from complications of anorexia. Her heart and kidneys failed. She was in the hospital for treatment but the anorexia had already taken its hold. She was only 15 years old and that was to young to die. She was my friend and a wonderful support. I am going to miss her and I will never forget her. I wish everybody could have a friend like Christie was to me. Christie may you rest in peace.
Your friend, Lynn

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