In Loving Memory...

Born: 9/21/75
Died from Anorexia: January 24th, 1999
Peaches lost her horrible battle with aneroxia at the very young age of 23. She did not want to die and she fought for her life all the way. Her simple dreams of being married, having childern and a dog were all taken away from her by this horrible disease.

Peaches was an incredible and absolutely caring person. I meet her only through the computer just a few weeks ago, yet she quickly made her way into my heart as a dear friend. You told us to "Always Stay Gold" Peaches... if we can be just half as caring as you were, then we will be gold forever just as you are. You came into my life as my angel and you will forever be with me. You were loved greatly and will be missed dearly by so many. You are at peace now my friend. Your flame will burn bright in my life forever, I love you. Until we meet up together someday, you have that special place in my angel, my forever friend...

Jill Johnson
The best friend a person could ever have. She was always thoughtful and alway sput herself last. She took her own life on Sept. 9th, 1997 at 16 years old after battling her Eating Disorder secretly for a long time. All I can do for Jill now is to help as many other people so we will see an end to this terrible disease. I will love you always Jill... Sadie

Nicole Athena Esser
Nikki was my best friend. There wasn't a person who didn't warm up to her and love her with a whole heart. She was born February 14, 1980 and was taken from this world on March 14, 1997. Nikki was 16 years old. She will never go to a prom, experience marriage, or the joy of bringing life into this world. Nikki battled the terrible disease of bulimia for nearly four years. She died alone in her bed, and although the autopsy was unconclusive, it was suspected that she died of heart failure. I will forever miss my Nikki and so will everyone that knew her. Nikki was an inocent young girl caught in the idea of having to thin. She refused to see that she was killing herself--she's another victim of "it won't happen to me". Here's reality: IT DOES HAPPEN, PEOPLE DO DIE. It's not fair for Nikki, for me, for her family, for ANYONE.

Regina Alicia Bastin
Died at the age of 23 after an eight year battle with severe anorexia nervosa. Regina had been in and out of inpatient hospitalizations. Regina will be remembered as a loving, giving, funny, earnestm creative, talented and beautiful human being.

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