In Loving Memory...

Rosemary B. Kwok

Rosemary lost her battle to anorexia on August 23, 1998. She was a beautiful loving christian person who I felt blessed to have as a friend. She struggled so terribly for so many years, but now she is in a peaceful place. Miss U and Love U.

Alyisha Brianne
Born august 21st 1998;
died sept 14th 1998
due to premature birth caused by practicing anorexic/bulimic mother. she was born 19 weeks early. she is in my thoughts daily and will be remembered forever.
i love u sweetie... mom

Regina Kaye Niece
Born: April 21, 1960;
Died Christmas Day, 1997
Regina died peacefully on Christmas Day after battling Anorexia for 15 years. She underwent many forms of treatment at many different Eating Disorder Centers, including one of the very best, REMUDA RANCH, Wickenburg, Arizona. Regina, was a very special loving daughter who deserved more out of life.
In Loving Memory... Mother

Tara Leigh
Born 9-25-98;
Died 11-3-97
This is to all the people fighting Anorexia and Bulimia. I know your pain. I have died twice from organ failure and a heart attack and by the grace of God was able to be brought back. I am still in the fight against Anorexia and purging... I hope I am one of the ones to survive...
God Bless

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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