In Loving Memory...

She was a special and wonderful friend to so many, and constantly encouraged the rest of us to keep fighting our own ED's. Even in the worst part of her illness, she remained strong, and was so determined to beat this thing that was destroying her life. Just at the point her spirit had decided to live, her body gave out on her. Tilly, we love you and miss you. You're not here, but your spirit, and your will to live, remains in all of us. It is the legacy you've left behind. This is not "Goodbye" it's an "I'll see you later."
Love Always, Wendy

Cindy L. Schott
April 28, 1960 to September 11, 1991
Cindy was a broadcaster for WEAU TV for 6 years, and she was extremely well liked by all of her colleagues. She was a very warm and compassionate person, and she was always optimistic and cheerful. Cindy was an excellent broadcaster, and there is no doubt in my mind that she would have gone very far in her career. Her death due to complications from anorexia really was a tragedy. She was a wonderful person, and she is sadly missed.

"I did not know her personally, but she has become a great inspiration to me. She was a broadcaster at our local t.v. station in Eau Claire, WI and I want to become a broadcaster too. I've suffered with e.d.'s for 4 years now, and the lessons she has taught me even in her death are incredible."

Born June 15, 1981; Died November 26, 1998

  • In memory of my sweet, sweet Piper. You will never know how much I loved you or what you meant to me. I hope you are in a better place now, with no more worries. You deserve nothing less. You should still be here, laughing and smiling like always, but you're not. You're gone forever, and I miss you so much. I love you Piper. -- Michelle

  • I would like to light a candle for my freind piper that i met on an ed board and let you all know she was not another statistic but a dear friend to those she knew and a great and wonderful person. I hate to think she is gone and others are still doing what she died from, but i know she is peacful now -- love, Valerie

  • Piper died November 25th, 1998 of anorexia. She was in a coma, and after a long struggle, she couldn't fight any longer. She will always be remembered in our heart, and will remain the sister of all her board buddies. She was so young...

  • Linda Whelan
    Died in 1995 at age 15 from heart failure.

    Linda, you were a very special person and although I never met you, you have been an inspiration to me. Your name lives on in our hearts. Rest In Peace. -CM

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