In Loving Memory...

Feb. 23, 1971 - Nov. 20, 1990
A loving friend who died much too soon from a ruptured esophogus. She struggled for many years with bulimiarexia. She was a caring soul and is dearly missed by those that loved her.

A Friend
This is in memory of a friend who died of a heart attack at age 16. Rest in peace.

Misty Avalon
My bestfriend Misty "Avalon" died of a heartattack on Thursday October the 29th she was 17 years old. She and I knew each other since kindergarden. She was the type of person that would just sit and talk to you for hours about anything that was bugging you and never bug you about what was bugging her. She had been fighting anorexia since she was 10. Her favourite colour was deep blue Her favourtie book was anything about King Aurthur. She loved teddy bears and anything to do with mid-evil times. Now you know the Misty"Avalon" that I loved with my whole heart and will miss forever.

The Babies
This memorial is for the innocent babies who died during pregnancy or after birth due to complications their mother's had with eating disorders. I too was bulimic during my first pregnancy and almost lost my precious baby due to toxima and her being born premature. I thank God everyday for sparing her life and for all the joy she has brought me. I ask God to bless those babies in His care, and to comfort those parents who weren't as lucky as I. May they find comfort and peace through our Lord. May they also find help for their eating disorders. PCB

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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