In Loving Memory...

Linda Susan Herskowitz
My auntie Linda was a beautiful person who showed me first-hand, the immutable strength of love and the fierce perseverence.

Her Hebrew name means "Beautiful Heart" and the heart was her trademark symbol. My auntie Linda was a beautiful person who showed me first-hand, the immutable strength of love and the fierce perseverence of the human spirit despite the fragility of our earthly bodies. Her death was attributed to complications arising from insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), but for those of us who knew, our Beautiful Heart lived with anorexia and bulimia for over 20 years and her diabetes would likely not have been so "complicated" had it not been for the eating disorders. Though her death brought an end to her years of pain and struggling, it must also signal an awareness in the prevalence of eating disorders among diabetics. Individuals with IDDM are already weight and food-conscious just by the nature of their medical condition. Some may fail to report dieting, binge-eating and insulin omission to lose weight or to prevent weight-gain, because of feelings of shame or the fear of criticism by their care-givers.

My auntie Lin's death has encouraged me to make a second attempt at recovery for my own eating disorder. Her life touched so many people and we are all better off for having known her. Auntie Lin'... your name will always ring out like a million tiny Valentines... we love and miss you.

FED-UP! - Fight Eating Disorders

To my little angel. This shows the date as the time you were meant to make your entrance into the world, however it was obviously not meant to be.

I know that we were never given a chance to meet, and I am so sorry for this. You were my baby, and although you had not been born you were a part of me, and your Dad!

I miss you so much, and everyday I will think of you! Not for one minute will I forget your existance. You were my first child and no-one will ever take your place.

In many ways, and to many people you never existed, but your Dad and I knew that you were there, and although we had only a very short time to bond, we had, and we'd planned our lives around you, and were joyfully awaiting for your arrival. However this will never happen, we will have to replan our live around you not being here now!

All I can say is that I am glad that you have been spared the pain and suffering that so many have to go through on this earth, and I know that you are in heaven now with God and the angels. I am sure that you are watching over your Dad and I, and we both can't wait until the day when we are reunited with you, and we are a family once again.

No matter how our family may develop over the years you will be the centre of it, and I shall make sure that all our other children are aware of you and your short life.

All I can say is that I am sorry, please forgive me. I never meant to hurt you in a million years, and would have done anything to save you. I tried to prevent your loss but I couldn't, and I can't apolagise enough.

For now though all my love, and deepest regret
Mum XXXX (Paula)

Joan Yang
Born on May 3, 1980 and died on April 28, 1994 (five days before her fourteenth birthday). She was the friendliest and most caring person to talk with when there was a problem. We shared our laughs, sorrow, and secrets together. Even though, I had only known her for two years, Joan was my best friend. She was a victim of anorexia. I wished she had only said good-bye in a better way, but she now rests in peace with God. God Bless her.

A Sister
My neighbor's sister died in August 98. She was 39 years old and a dear friend to her sister who is now campaigning tirelessly for greater awareness of this awful illness. I thank her for the gift of life because the information her sister had gained through dealing with her meant she could help my mum get me into hospital when I was ill. Love to you

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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