In Loving Memory...

"the girl with the brilliant smile..."
Even after all of the postive thinking and all the heartfelt praying, she just couldn't escape her own worst enemy---herself. She died March of 1998 after struggling over twenty years with Anorexia. She was so good at giving all the other girls, including myself, affirmations on how beautiful we were and how couragously we were all facing our own eating disorders, but for her own was near to impossible. All I hope is that where ever she now is, she has finally been able to find inner peace.

Carla Evans
Tragically another victim lost to anorexia. Only 16 and her life ahead of her. Missed greatly by friends and family.

this is for our friend amargeddon - we chatted with her on the concerned counselling website. she died friday, sept 4, 1998 of a heart attack due to anorexia. . she was 17. we miss her greatly...we promise to keep fighting for her sake...

Strong fighter who wasn't ready to leave this earth yet.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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