In Loving Memory...

She died of anorexia/bulimia at the age of 44. She was such a caring person. She had been a high school teacher for 20 years and they closed the high school for her funeral. She battled for many years, but eventually lost. I met her in group therapy and we tried to help each other. I will forever remember you Linda, and am battling to win in your name.

Born Feb. 28, 1981
Died June 21, 1998
Michele, I love and miss u incredibly! You will forever be in my heart. You died so young but you made such an impact on my life! I thank God that you are no longer suffering from this horrible disease... May you rest in peace forever.... I love you, Your Omal Sister -- Friends Forever

Cynthia Yen-Jane Chow
Born January 25, 1979, her life was cut short on February 23, 1998 (ironically, the first day of Eating Disorders Awareness Week).

Cyndi was a violinist and played for many years. She played in the high school band while also having received private violin lessions. Not only did she play the violin, but she also taught herself how to play the piano. Cyndi enjoyed playing songs form Enya and often played Green Sleeves for me. Through high school she participated in spiritleading for all four years. She also did long jump her sophmore year. Cyndi volunteered much of her time at our local hospital, Dameron Hospital in Stockton, CA. She continued her volunteering as a tutor for the HOSTS (helping one student to succeed) program at a local Junior High School. Cyndi was studing to become a nurse at our local junior college. While attending college she also worked part time at a doctors office, as a secretary.

Cyndi had many aspirations and it saddens me that they were cut short. She was very caring of all who were fortunate of coming across her path. She was so self-giving that it seems she did give her all. And now I feel it is my turn to give to her and turn this tragedy around into helping others. I have no doubt that is exactly what she would of wanted.

Celia Loree Sevilla
1972-1995. In memory of a dear patient who we lost to the long standing effects of anorexia. Her memory (along with the death of Princess Diana) is one of those that inspired me to create Journey of Hearts A Healing Place in CyberSpace... a website for anyone who has ever experienced a loss.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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