In Loving Memory...

Date of Birth: 10/23/75 - Died: 3/10/98

Jill was an extremely talented and bright woman. She was Class Valedictorian, a coach for a Junior High Volleyball team, and volunteered at a local hospital and also at a center for persons with cerebral palsy.

Jill struggled with depression and bulimia since the age of thirteen. Her death was a shock to everyone who knew and loved her. Jill was surrounded by many friends and loved ones...she was very popular. She always offered support and love to those who were struggling with Eating Disorders and depression. Her kitten, Patience, was the love of her life.

I will miss her sense of humor and wonderful laughter. I will miss her deeply...

"If you could know what I know now,
you would not cry
For I have found, to my surprise,
we do not die.
We only slip into a new and fresh reality;
Like taking off old worn clothes
And being free..."

1987...took her own life after suffering from bulimia. We became friends in treatment. I think of you often and I MISS YOU. I promised your mom I'd TRY and I'm doing ok. You had so much to live for, I wish you were here to share things with. God Bless You My Friend...I Love You!

Kerry Elise Henn
May 28, 1976 - February 12, 1998
She died from cardiac arrest due to anorexia and bulemia. May her star shine brightly through eternity.
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My dear friend Cyndee (35) passed away February 26, 1998. Cyndee was Bulimic/Anorexic for years and had abused Ipecac regularly. In recovery for 4 years, she fought courageously against the Ipecac's medical complications. Her body scared from head to toe. In and out of the hospital monthly, somehow she still managed to enjoy recovery and help many people. She was a fighter; she fought her way from 2 years in a wheelchair to ridding her mountain bike up to 18 miles at a time and managed to almost complete her Masters Degree in between hospital visits. Her eating disorder so severe and her recovery so strong, she was an inspiration to many. Her death was a shock to us all, and her generous sprit will be missed by many. Now you can finally rest in peace my courageous friend Cyndee.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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